Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spotlight on a blog and blogger.

I've decided to blog about another blogger...  until I get bored which will probably be real quick.


He's a certain establishment stooge on blogger.  A right-wing authoritarian blow-hard.  A self-important hypocrite who spews dishonest rhetoric like broken septic tank.  I guess that could describe a lot of people but I'm talking about JD Curtis and his blog Trees for Lunch.

JD wants to live in a world where the Left-wing is always wrong and the Right-wing is always right.  Since no-one is always right or always wrong, he uses dishonest sources or just plain hypocrisy.  

He often uses Conservapedia as a source, a group so incredibly biased that they literally are rewriting the Bible to remove its "liberal elements".  Yes.  Really.

JD is seems to hate freedom...  oh he says he's for more freedom but it's clear he means freedom for him and people just like him.  As soon as it's about someone else,like say, homosexuals or Muslims, then JD goes into authoritarian crack-down mode.  He the kind of guy who spews bigoted ideas and threatens lawsuits on anyone who dares call him out on his bigotry...  as I've seen.

He accuses the Left of using the word "fascism" to shut down communication then he goes and labels things he doesn't like as fascism.

JD is fond of censorship, just as long as he's doing the censoring.  But he can't censor anyone here; I've read the blogger terms of use.  I bet he loves that I'm going to do a few posts on him.

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