Monday, January 31, 2011

Right Wing Murderer did it because he hated liberals.


ATVLC said...

JD's got this post about how the mainstream media didn't report this or that. So I left this comment but it didn't come through like the last few of my comments. I think I've been secretly banned. Here's my comment.

If you type the phrase Martin Luther Waffles into Google News, you'll see that everyone from Fox News and to the Huffington Post and MSNBC reported it.
Being Australian I never heard of waffles being a racist sterotype before. I only learnt chicken was one last year.

J.C. Birthner said...

Well, that's proof that JD is wrong yet again.

JD: Why did the mainstream media not report this

AT: It did. Here's proof.

JD: BAN! Delete!

Meanwhile, JD's chum TD is ranting about all atheists. Of course, JD's fine with this.