Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Right Wing Violence

In this video, when Glenn Beck says you'll have to shoot them in the head, who is he talking about?  Liberals, of course!
Violent rhetoric comes overwhelmingly from the Right nowadays.   
Here's a great write-up of the current conservative political violence.

A lot of words have been written about Loughner, a man who planned and executed a shooting of a Democratic congresswoman.  He was obviously influenced by Right wing conspiracy theories (currency backed by gold and silver is one of Glenn Beck's themes) but it is really that simple.  A commenter on Metafilter made this interesting comment:

The thing is, it's awfully easy to explain this as a pure historical accident.

Loughner grew up in a place and time without much violent rhetoric on the left, and without much violent religious rhetoric. Angry, violent guys of his generation who were looking for an ideology had two big choices: the right-wing militia movement or one of the violent strains of anarchist anti-globalism. Guess which one of those is easier to find in Arizona?

It's easy to believe he could have latched onto another movement in a different place or time: revolutionary socialism if he'd grown up in the US during the 60s or 70s, the IRA if he'd grown up in Belfast, radical Islam if he'd grown up in Yemen, the ELF if he'd been in a hippie town in Oregon, whatever. The fact that he picked the biggest violent movement around and it happened to be right-wing says less about the psychology of right-wing politics and more about the role of familiarity and convenience in guiding our political identities.

It's more than just the Tea Party waving guns and smashing Democratic party windows.  Here's some examples of recent right-wing violence

Richard Poplawski, loser who lived with his mom, killed three cops he thought were Obama people trying to take his guns away. He was stockpiling a mini arsenel of guns and machine guns.

Jim David Adkisson, right-wing loser who wrote his "I hate liberals" letter and massacred a bunch of liberals at a Unitarian church. He was found with a bunch of right-wing idiot books from Micheal Savage and Bill O'Reilly.  He said he “wanted to kill…every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg's book,” http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2008/jul/28/church-shooting-police-find-manifesto-suspects-car/

James Von Brunn, white supremecist who believed Obama was created by jews and shot up a Holocaust museum and killed a black employee.

Scott Roeder, the latest anti-abortion extremist murdered Dr George Tiller.

Byron Williams, another right-wing loser was on his way to kill a bunch of liberals at the progressive Tides foundation and the ACLU. He targetted the Tides Foundation because that was one of Glenn Beck's favorite targets. He said Glenn "blew his mind" by supporting all his wacko conspiracy theories.

Keith Luke, white supremecist who killed two minorities and raped and attempted to kill a third. His targets were minorities and jews. As a white supremecist he believed liberal jews are trying to exterminate the white race.

And that's just recently.   If I went back further I could write a list of women's health clinic bombings, anthrax letters to Democrats, even Timothy McVeigh was a registered Republican.

There is also a great deal of right wing violence that you won't hear about.  Most often the right-wing target people who are easily marginalised and denied protection of the law.
Every time you read about some racist assault or harassment, every time you read about a queer-bashing or a burned synagogue or a protest at the home of an employee of a family-planning clinic: that is right-wing violence. The media only calls it such when somebody dies because acknowledging that right-wing violence is an every day, all the time thing would disrupt the conservative media's "both sides are equally bad" narrative.

Right-wing blow-hard JD Curtis spewed out this while this post was in draft.  He missed the point that many people have been making that currently the violence is coming overwhelmingly from the Right.  He's trying to deflect criticism with a cry of "decades ago there were violent from the Left!".
Have you ever noticed that JD will compare any philosophy from the Left and call it "the Left" but only ever chooses "conservative" from the Right.   So it's anarchy vs JD's malleable definition of conservative.  JD has also redefined the right-left spectrum so right-wing philosophies he doesn't like are no longer right-wing.  The Nazis and the Fascists for example.  I don't know whether he is dishonest or merely brainwashed.

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