Monday, May 23, 2011

Margaret Sanger and the phony KKK picture

The first picture is the original photo.  The second is what appears on JD Curtis' blog.   The third is a view from another angle.  JD Curtis seems to think Obama's birth certificate is phony but doesn't even notice how badly faked this picture is!  I don't know who faked this picture but it seems to be everywhere.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Right wing bitterness over Obama taking out Bin Laden.

From "5 Responses to Right Wing Bitterness Over Obama Gettin’ Osama"
Here is a quick primer in dealing with the right’s bitterness today:
1) They will lectures you not to politicize terrorism. You write, “So, you’re flip flopping from when Bush blamed Clinton for not getting Bin Laden? Oh, and by the way, President Obama got Osama.” (Never let them steer the topic away from the very thing they are trying to avoid.)
4) The Fox News watching set will say that Obama shouldn’t be trying to take credit for this and they bend over backwards to pretend like they care about the troops. They may say he “snubbed” Bush and has “no class” (you know how the repeat everything their masters tell them). You say, “God Bless Our troops. If only Bush had cared about getting Osama way back after 9/11, eh? But then, we tried it your way and it didn’t work so the President decided to use intelligence and look where that got us. Shocking, I know! Would you prefer we keep giving Bush credit for things he didn’t do, just to make you feel better, sort of like oh, gee, I dunno, an handicap or reparations for Bush’s failures? Oh, and by the way, Obama got Osama.”

Here's how the conservative's correspondence bias works:
Conservative President, Great Economy: President is doing a great job.
Conservative President, Poor Economy: President don't really control the economy.
Liberal President Great Economy: President doesn't control the economy.
Liberal President Poor Economy: OMFG, This idiot is killing the country!!!

Conservatives saying that Obama shouldn't take any credit is expected, just as expected as them crediting and praising Bush if he had accomplished the task.

I've already had this conversation more than once:
"Why can't Obama take credit?"
answer is something like "Because the SEALs did it, all he did was order it/etc."
Ask "Why did we kill Osama?"
Answer "Because he ordered 9/11"
"But by your own logic, he cannot take credit. He did not fly the planes himself, only ordered it."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Judgment Day in less than a month.

"It is April 30th. They are predicting the end of the world in less than 30 days. Why do they still solicit recurring donations?"  arkanus on Reddit.