Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peter Hitchens and Serial Mom

Peter Hitchens in his column says:
"I might add that Christ himself was subject to the death penalty, and his sayings were recorded when sentence was passed on him and while it was being carried out, and He did not take the opportunities offered to condemn it in principle. I agree that arguments from silence are not always reliable. But in this case, the silence is pretty eloquent."
Compare his quote to this one from "Serial Mom", a 1994 comedic movie.

Father Boyce: Jesus said nothing to condemn capital punishment as he hung on the cross, did he?
Congregation: No.
Father Boyce: If ever there was a time to go on record against the death penalty, wasn't it that night? Capital punishment is already the law in the state of Maryland. So what are we waiting for, fellow Christians? Let's just do it.
Congregation: Amen.

We laughed at this idea in 1994.  What's happened to the world that now people are taking it seriously?

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