Wednesday, February 9, 2011

JD and Race

JD Curtis asks "Why is the Left so Obsessed with Race?"   *Cough* petitio principii, much?
Of course, JD can't prove the Left is obsessed with race so he pulls out some quotes from Right-wingers that simply assert that they are.  

"That the Left is obsessed with the topic of race is hardly in dispute."?  Oh how easy!  Instead of JD actually trying to provide evidence towards his assertions - JD  just assumes there is (almost) no question that the assertions are correct! 

JD quotes Ann Coulter who asks if conservative arguments are so racist or stupid "shouldn't their arguments be easy to deconstruct?"  Anyone who has ever seen conservatives "debate" science will know that stupid arguments take the most amount of time to deconstuct. 

But the most hilariously stupid part of JD's argument is this; an hispanic lady on the radio says she was glad that the Gabrielle Giffords shooter wasn't hispanic because she didn't want Right-wingers making it into a racial issue.  THIS is his evidence the left-wing is obsessed with race?  A lady, who we don't know the politics of, saying "phew!  I'm glad the right-wingers won't make this about race?"

The irony of all this is that JD's had a link to this on his sidebar.   Read it.  Read the comments.  I already know JD's response -  "B... b. b.. but that's just xenophobia not racism!"

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